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European Innovative Teaching Award

Strengthening of Leadership Skills in dealing with current developments

School: Institut für Frühpädagogik

Strengthening of Leadership Skills in dealing with current developments - Germany

Topic(s) addressed

  • Strengthening the competencies in digitalisation

  • Promoting participation and inclusion 

Target groups

  • 23 people (age 25-60)

  • management and pedagogical staff in daycare centers 

  • IFP staff


  • The joint learning on several levels with the existing network of daycare centres at its core

  • Workshops with the involvement of the participants (main topic, system, country and people, profiles) 

  • Using previous knowledge as a base and developing guiding questions 

  • Using digital learning diaries for logging goals, expectations, learning progress and personal reflections. 

  • Collective discussions on site

  • The evaluation in workshops focused on reflection and transfer. 

  • Creating a set of slides serving as documentation 


  • Regular and obligatory workshops of the network support the targeted preparation and follow-up.

  • Planned and informal intensive exchange in the group on site

  • The participants brought their experiences to the team.

  • The participating institutions had experience with job shadowing. 

  • Encouraging the participants to carry out English-language job shadowing and taking on trainees. 


  • The teachers had already had experience dealing with the topics related to working with the network.

  • The participants contributed to a far-reaching experience and dissemination of the results.

  • They pursued their personal goal of further training and learning together.

  • They played a key role as managers in quality development and discussing the results. 


  • The experiences disseminated within the IFP through presentations and articles in the annual journal- received by all Bavarian daycare centres- will impact the planning of further projects.

  • Acquisition of robots and the spatial redesign in the Kitas

  • Examples generated by the project changed the attitude toward certain topics.

  • Increasing the understanding of other cultures and daycare systems in Europe

Ieinteresētās personas


Tallinna Haridusamet


Tallinna Ülikooloiametiühing MTÜ, School of Digital Technologies


Stockholms Stad Utbildningsförvaltningen


Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Scienze della Formazione Primaria,Dipartimento di Scienze Umane e Sociali


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,Departament de Pedagogis Aplicada Facultat de Cièncesde L'Educa