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European Innovative Teaching Award

Work for an Inclusive School Heritage

School/Coordinator: Sukromná stredna odborna skola Pro scholaris

Work for an Inclusive School Heritage - Slovakia

Topic(s) addressed

  • Social Inclusion of the disadvantaged students

  • 21st-century skills (e.g. creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, responsibility)

  • Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

Target groups

  • Students and teachers of the partner and pilot schools

  • Future teachers at the universities


  • Joint Staff Training and Short-Term Student Exchanges

  • Social Inclusion Projects operated by students in Prosocial Behavioural Clubs 

  • Visits to pilot schools and institutions working with refugees or disabled students 

  • Visits to NGOs, local and regional partnerships, presentations of project results

  • Using digital ICT tools in order to share project results


  • Introducing innovation in the teaching process by the use of 21st-century skills in project-based learning. 

  • Activities resulting from the PBL approach as part of updated university syllabuses and pilot school curricula

  • Learning environments of Vocational Education and Training fostered cooperation, critical thinking and collaboration as well as the development of ICT skills.


Teachers’ key role in educational innovative approaches:

  • developing 21st-century skills,

  • applying project-based learning into the educational processes,

  • raising awareness about social inclusion.

Teachers shared their experiences with their colleagues in internal school training.

They also supervised the Social Inclusion projects.


  • Improvement of the different and innovative online, student-centred pedagogical methodologies e.g. Problem-Based Learning. 

  • The teachers learned how to address social inclusion. 

  • Producing outputs, also students-made, e.g. bulletin, short movie, banners, etc. 

  • Linking with local or regional authorities contributed to increased awareness about inclusion.


Parti interessate


Súkromná stredná odborná škola Pro scholaris


Institut Guillem Catà, Manresa


West University of Timisoara


Gaziantep University