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Λογότυπος της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής
European Innovative Teaching Award

Take the e-train

School/Coordinator: Escola Joan Sanpera i Torras

Take the e-train - Spain

Topic(s) addressed

  • Creativity, 
  • Collaboration
  • Ecological consciousness 
  • Social inclusion

Target groups

  • Students, families and teachers, 
  • Local associations and educational and local authorities


  • All the activities were embedded in the curriculum and mapped in the different subject areas (interdisciplinary work and the development of the key competencies). 
  • Cooperation between schools, within schools and with local associations was essential to develop the activities and extend the project to our communities. 
  • Students from all backgrounds worked together in collaborative groups. 
  • They took part in TwinSpace Challenges and in eTwinning video conferences.


  • A whole school approach was needed to develop the project. 
  • The learning spaces were designed in order to promote peer interaction, collaboration and creativity connecting students and teachers in a meaningful way. 
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation was established with the local train track association, train museums, local libraries, Krakow’s University of Science and Technology and the refugees’ association Open Cultural Centre.


  • Teachers from different areas shared their knowledge in order to reach the objectives.
  • The train songs concert needed the collaboration of the music teachers and the e-train story had input from the language teachers. 
  • Teachers shared their skills and played a key role in developing collaborative learning. They exchanged their professional experience in peer learning developing new approaches and methodologies.


  • Pupils gained knowledge of the partner countries and other cultures. 
  • They improved language and problem-solving skills, and knowledge of science, maths and art.
  • Teachers learnt about other educational systems, became more competent with cooperative learning and incorporated good practices into their lessons.
  • Our institutions improved the climate in schools. 
  • Stronger relationships developed between students and teachers.
  • An increased number of families wanted to cooperate with all the schools.
  • Strong links were created and kept with all partner schools and the local associations.

Ενδιαφερόμενα μέρη

Ενδιαφερόμενα μέρη

Escola Joan Sanpera i Torras


3rd Primary School of New Ionia


Istituto Comprensivo Santa Margherita Ligure


Jonavos Justino Vareikio progimnazija


Szkola Podstawowa nr 86 im.


Zakladna skola Jana Kollara