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European Innovative Teaching Award

Wellbeing, Internationality and Co-Teaching in Our School

School: Metsokankaan koulu (Metsokangas Comprehensive School)

Wellbeing, Internationality and Co-Teaching in Our School - Finland

Topic(s) addressed

  • Learning together: co-teaching and cooperation between teachers from different grades.

  • Creativity: teachers gained new ideas on how to use art therapy, outdoor learning and mindfulness.

Target groups

  • Teachers

  • Pupils


Teachers learned and applied:

  • new techniques on how to use art therapy for the benefit of pupils with special needs. 

  • mindfulness techniques that can be used with pupils 

  • strengthened their language skills and enhanced their cultural competences

  • learned about outdoor learning

  • created a common blog to share experiences, materials and info

  • facilitated peer-learning activities


  • Cooperation between different grades and teachers at school.

  • The teachers extensively used outdoor learning, art therapy, cultural approaches and mindfulness. 

  • Discussions in class and meetings as a way to share experience and observations with students and teachers.

  • After completion of the project, teachers continued using various outdoor learning spaces in a more creative way.

  • A common blog as an innovative knowledge-sharing platform.


  • Teachers created a common blog to get more publicity and to share experiences, knowledge and information about this project.

  • The project fostered cooperation and peer learning between teachers involved as it was carried out together with the KA1 team. 


Thanks to the project:

  • new skills and ideas were gained and implemented in the school's teaching programme, sharing knowledge and experiences and cooperation between grades and teachers was facilitated.

  • art therapy, mindfulness and outdoor learning became a more common part of a school day in all grades

  • new ways of teaching cultural approaches were developed and new language skills were gained 

  • teachers involved in the project delivered lessons about the topics of their course to pupils of all grades.

  • teachers involved in the project gave presentations to the other teachers to share knowledge, skills and ideas about their courses and KA1.

  • all materials, travel info and experiences were shared with the other schools and local communities via blog, Facebook and YouTube



Metsokankaan koulu (Metsokangas Comprehensive School)




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