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European Innovative Teaching Award

We are studying English with our friends Frog and Toad

School: Kindergarten At The Castle - Materska skola Na Hrade, z.s.

We are studying English with our friends Frog and Toad - Czechia

Topic(s) addressed

  • Supporting pupils’ creativity– new school education programme 

  • Improving English Lang. skills - better opportunities in the EU market


  • Providing engaging activities and inspiring activities for students

  • Creating a complex package of worksheets, a comprehensive combination of flashcards and games.

  • This methodology applies to Czech and foreign children alike. It is a unique methodology not commonly used in our country. 

  • This project also complements and underlines education on a daily basis, especially for preschool-level students.


  • In order to share good practices, we demonstrated the project to the primary school in our town and participated in the introduction to their students. 

  • Our English teacher presented the project at a dissemination seminar and the principal of the school introduced the project to students at the secondary school of pedagogy. 

  • Teachers learnt new creative methods (nursery rhymes, storytelling).


  • We feel that educators must have passion for the subjects they're teaching. The students will then follow their enthusiasm.

  • The teachers involved in the project were motivated and sought to bring joy and meaning to children's learning experience. They also understood the importance of creativity.

  • Teachers and directors discussed also SEN activities and included them in their teaching


  • School sent 4 participants for courses abroad.

  • Their experience and knowledge were then implemented in the new school’s curriculum.

  • Parents gave enthusiastic feedback about their children´s language improvement through the books Frog and Toad. 

  • The reputation of the school in the Vysocina Region was enhanced.

  • The school became more attractive for pre-school students and their parents.

Project category
Early childhood education and care
Project year



Kindergarten At The Castle -Materska skola Na Hrade, z.s


InterEducation IEI Ltd


Maltalingua Limited


Gateway School of English - GSE - Netz Educational Services Ltd.


The Lake School of English Oxford Limited

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