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European Innovative Teaching Award

Walking through the memory with Immersive Technologies

School: CEIP Ponte dos Brozos


Topic(s) addressed

The project addressed a range of topics, including ICT, digital competences, creativity, cultural heritage, early childhood and primary education, artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, programming and virtual reality.

Target group(s)

The initiative attracted an impressive number of participants including 2,000+ students and 100+ teachers.


The students engaged in design-oriented and project-based studies, using games created by themselves to enhance their thinking skills and foster a culture of sharing through group work. These learning experiences encompassed cooperative learning, design thinking, project-based learning, place-based learning, experience-based learning, peer-to-peer social learning, collaborative learning spaces, DIY activities, educational games, and informal learning facilitated by the Science club.

Innovation environment

The project focused on establishing safe and innovative learning environments, leveraging immersive technologies for expanded learning spaces, and promoting sustainable resource use through cloud-based platforms. We also emphasized open sharing of knowledge and resources, adopting a holistic approach to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, and active participation. Through cross-sectoral cooperation, we enriched overall learning experiences and created inclusive educational environments.

Teachers’ role

In this project, teachers played a key role as agents of innovation. They actively contributed to the development and implementation of innovative learning experiences for students, exploring new pedagogical approaches through immersive technologies, and continuously enhancing their digital literacy and teaching skills. Collaboration with peers within and among partner schools allowed them to exchange experiences, ideas, and resources, collectively contributing to the project's objectives.

Impact and output

he project's impact is widespread. Students actively engaged with immersive technologies, delving into cultural heritage and honing skills like creativity and critical thinking. These technologies made learning inclusive, benefiting various students. Moreover, the project's influence extends beyond participants, reaching other students, teachers, schools, and the community. Through conferences, workshops, and media, it shared outcomes, methodologies, and best practices.



Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2023



CEIP Ponte dos Brozos



Grupamento De Escolas De Barcelos


Centro Público Integrado O Cruce


I.C. Borsellino Ajello


Özel Anabilim Ortaokulu