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European Innovative Teaching Award

Town Accessed with Games - TAG

School: Comenius-Schule Mönchengladbach


Topic(s) addressed

The project regarded, in broad strokes, cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice.  This involved an array of topics such as health and well-being, environment, key competencies, basic digital skills and foreign languages.  Important were also democracy, ethics and awareness of the European cultural heritages.

Target group(s)

The participating group comprised staff from six schools and over 3,500 pupils including also those disadvantaged and SEN.


The project employed a wide array of methods, including traditional and technological games, teamwork activities, and nature-based games. Students actively participated in creating virtual towns, managing eTwinning pages, and engaging through the project's Instagram account.
Amid the pandemic, these virtual towns and innovative gaming approaches helped students stay connected with their schools and communities, fostering both local and European connections.

Innovation environment

Pupils and teachers innovatively compiled an online e-book with project-generated activities, benefiting students globally. Virtual towns, shaped by students and teachers, inspired real-life activities and remain editable. We used diverse social media to share our innovations and created a recap video emphasizing the innovative aspects of TAG Erasmus+ projects. This video featured discussions by teachers and students about the project's innovative benefits and its alignment with European values.

Teachers’ role

Teachers played a vital role, showing enthusiasm, sharing practices, and displaying multilingual and technological competence. They were committed to helping disadvantaged pupils and eager to acquire essential skills. In a collaborative environment where less experienced partners worked with seasoned team members, teachers exhibited resilience in addressing challenges, particularly those related to the pandemic. The coordinator's cross-cultural experience was instrumental in fostering group cohesion, intercultural understanding, and promoting the concept of a modern EU educator.

Impact and output

Students with diverse challenges, including economic, health, cultural, and disabilities, effectively applied project knowledge in virtual towns and on eTwinning platform. This hands-on experience enabled them to integrate learning into daily life and their communities, creating a substantial impact. Project results are freely accessible to all schools, ensuring widespread benefits. Some of the results are available: Erasmus+ TAG - Mesto iger | (, Imagen interactiva (, Tag Town - Faik Şahenk Primary School (,



Project category
Secondary education
Project year



Comenius-Schule Mönchengladbach



Osnovna Sola Puconci


9 Dimotiko Scholeio Irakleio Attikis


Yusuf Savas Ilkokulu


Ceip Pedro I


Faik Sahenk Ilkokulu