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European Innovative Teaching Award

Today for the World of Tomorrow

School: BG/BRG/BORG "Franz Liszt"


Topic(s) addressed

The main topic was the "Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs" by the United Nations. 

Target group(s)

The main target group were pupils in secondary education from all our regions, meaning Austria, Germany and Italy.


The project was based on action-oriented teaching methods, including the Flipped Classroom. The students first received an input with which they dealt independently. Afterwards, action-oriented work was carried out based on the input from the lessons in the partner schools. An additional approach to the project was to enable the pupils to participate in lectures by experts (e.g. futurologists). Likewise, the project aimed at connecting as much as possible to the life of the learners - hence the idea of including the SDGs in the conception and development of an interactive space, which the learners filled and also programmed, with the help of teachers. 

Innovation environment

Collaboration among project leaders, teachers, and students drove innovation, resulting in a dynamic learning space that promotes intercultural engagement. Teachers and students together crafted this interactive environment, engaging the entire school community and even reaching a wider regional audience through presentations.

Interdisciplinary teamwork, spanning subjects like languages, history, and computer science, laid the foundation for an innovative interactive platform.

The project's achievement—a versatile interactive space—fuels inventive teaching and learning methods across regions.

This project highlighted the power of collaboration in sparking educational innovation.

Teachers’ role

Despite COVID-19 and other challenges, the project participants remained steadfast in creating a strong communication network among schools.

The teachers, skilled in communication and problem-solving, shared knowledge, positively impacting teaching methods and inspiring students' innovative learning.

Students observed and experienced this synergy, with teachers serving as exemplary role models.

Impact and output

In preparation for future use, the materials created for the interactive space—including protocols, radio segments, video games, films, and texts—are available to upcoming classes through platforms like LMS, eTwinning, and Erasmus+. This facilitates the integration of SDGs not only in partner schools but also in a wider geographical context. See

Project category
Secondary education
Project year



BG/BRG/BORG "Franz Liszt"



Städtisches Louise-Schröder-Gymnasium München


BHAK Eisenstadt


Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium und Kunstgymnasium Bruneck - Liceo delle scienze umane e dell'arte di Brunico