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European Innovative Teaching Award

Think Inside the Box! A Methodological STEAM Toolkit for Schools

School/Coordinator: Robotikos mokykla (School of Robotics)

Topic(s) addressed

  • Sustainability (using available materials and reusing them after)

  • Aesthetics (creating solutions that are beyond functionality)

  • Inclusion (involving pupils with special needs)

Target groups

  • More than 1200 pupils from grades 5 to 12 in 3 countries

  • 100 teachers in 3 countries


  • Methods used: PBL, Design Thinking, Engineering, learning-by-doing and IBSE - core elements of STEAM education. 

  • Using knowledge of programming, maths, physics, electronics, engineering, etc.

  • Using creativity and critical thinking, teamwork and presentation skills

  • Non-formal learning approach– alternative project evaluation (no marks) 

  • emphasis was on creative solutions, cooperation and reflection.

  • Supporting role of the teachers (not leading)

  • The inclusion of students with special needs


  • Creating an environment for experimenting and cooperating, at the same time promoting the efficient use of available human, technical and material resources. 

  • Bringing non-formal activities to a formal education environment 

  • The school environment proved to be creative in addressing digital and green challenges and connecting science, technology and creativity.


  • Involved teachers received training about the project's methodology, got a chance to experience non-formal learning methods in practice. 

  • Developing skills in using innovative tools, such as programming with micro: bit, 3D modelling and printing, laser cutting, 

  • Gaining skills in the application of Design Thinking, IBSE, PBL, Engineering and other STEAM methods.

  • A long-term teacher qualification programme was initiated as an effective method of collecting and sharing best practices among fellow teachers.


  • Pupils gained new knowledge and skills as well as an opportunity to think, feel and act as inventors.

  • Youngsters with special needs were equally involved in the activities thanks to the practical and hands-on type of hackathon.  

  • Teachers gained more confidence in STEAM activities and also demonstrated motivation, dedication and creativity in adapting the methodology to the needs of their students.

  • The transferability of the methodology has already been proven in 3 countries, in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments.

Think Inside the Box! A Methodological STEAM Toolkit for Schools - Lithuania
Project category
Primary education
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Partijiet ikkonċernati


Robotikos mokykla (School of Robotics)


Panevėžio švietimo centras (Panevėžys Education Center)


VGTU inžinerijos licėjus (VGTU Engineering Lyceum)


Kuressaare Nooruse Kool (Kuressaare Nooruse School)


Colegiul Tehnic “Gheorghe Asachi” Botosani