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European Innovative Teaching Award

"Successful, Technological, Different, Effective – European awakeners in Education" TOMORROW

School: Dobri Chintulov" Primary school


Topic(s) addressed

The project covered topics related to the teaching process like gamification in the classroom, flipped classrooms and project-based learning. It also addressed the problems of tolerance and diversity and active citizenship in the 21st century classroom. Finally, it featured the English language for teachers.

Target group(s)

Various groups of participants were involved in the activities. It comprised 63 pedagogical specialists and 800 students. Also, parents and local community members were actively involved.


For optimising the outcome innovative methods were employed. That refers to learning through research, analysing and doing in a multidisciplinary context. Autonomy and creativity were also promoted in building original teaching and learning strategies. The soft skills development was not overlooked as teamwork and expressing one’s opinions were encouraged. The effective use of non-formal education proved particularly valuable as brainstorming, role-playing and simulations were extensively employed.

Innovation environment

The project created conditions where all teachers could feel supported and encouraged to freely use the various innovative methods and techniques to make the everyday teaching and learning process more exciting. A different "enhanced" learning environment was created that promoted equality in acquiring new skills.  A positive change in the classroom atmosphere was tangible- relationships, motivation and the results achieved by the students.

Teachers’ role

The teachers who took part in the courses took the role of modern "awakeners" in education. Through the "traveling training", they upgraded their teaching competences and personal qualities. They took time to share their experiences with their colleagues at meetings in the Methodological associations. This competency build-up led to applying modern innovative teaching methods, new techniques, digital resources, multimedia products and non-formal education in teachers’ daily practice.

Impact and output

The project effectively stimulated teachers towards "lifelong learning" for the purpose of self-improvement, self-assertion and professional growth. The students, on the other hand, increased their performance and developed a number of social skills. The project had a significant impact on the parental community, fostering "responsible" parenting and establishing a proactive dialogue between teachers and parents. The school has undergone changes in the learning environment, creating a positive educational climate. The quality of the educational process improved, providing more effective support for each student based on their age, needs, and abilities.



Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2023



"Dobri Chintulov" Primary school



Motivated Learning for Everyone


EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH


Representative of the Europass Teacher Academy


ICTQ Malta


Instituto Politécnico de Santarém