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European Innovative Teaching Award

SLAM - STEM Learning Activities & Methods

School: Primary school Fran Koncelak Drnje


Topic(s) addressed

The project revolved around robotics, F1 mechanics, astronomy and seismology touching also genetics and biology.  The participants took a closer look at 3D modelling, abacus, hologram, Newton’s disk and other interesting inventions. 

Target group(s)

The participants were teachers, students and their parents. The project involved also the local community, a neighbouring school and scientists.


To achieve the project’s objectives a set of methods was employed. It comprised research and problem solving as well as simulations and gamification. In addition to practical activities and fieldwork, discussions were also conducted for a better understanding of the topics. Computational thinking was introduced consisting of identifying the problem and creating its abstract, then, breaking it down into small steps and developing strategies to solve them.

Innovation environment

Digital tools were used extensively and science open days and Math Nights were organised. Invited scientists and STEM teachers from neighbouring schools gave presentations and led workshops promoting STEM subjects. The environment created this way was further boosted by visits to science festivals, developing devices, conducting experiments and field research.

Teachers’ role

The teachers gained new skills and a broader perspective which helped them develop new compelling teaching content. In consequence, they became promoters of more extensive use of modern technologies among their colleagues. They had a chance to watch teaching methods implemented by schools in other European countries gaining experience they can extend into the future.

Impact and output

The project produced a sustainable outcome. For young participants it was making long-lasting friendships and improving their language skills. On the school level, it meant introducing innovative teaching methods and improving the learning environment. The school became more collaborative and inclusive creating equal opportunities for students with cultural differences, social obstacles, learning difficulties and disabilities.



Project category
Primary education
Project year



Primary school Fran Koncelak Drnje



The Heritage Private School


Tartu Raatuse Kool


2nd Gymnasium of Nea Ionia Attikis