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European Innovative Teaching Award

Save our European Natural Heritage from Invasive Alien Species Attack (SENHIAS)

School: ITHCF Gembloux

Topic(s) addressed

The topics addressed in the project were:

  • Inclusion

  • Sustainability

  • Environment and climate change.

Target groups

About 100 students aged 16 to 19 from the upper secondary section were involved in the project.


  • The project shows a multidisciplinary approach with the involvement of subjects such as sciences, geography and languages. 

  • Many activities were carried out outside the classroom with the "learning by doing" method, encouraging students' initiatives. 

  • Numerous productions have been realised (writing articles for the website, drawing logos, photo contests, creating videos etc.). 

  • Teachers noticed an active collaboration between students from 4 schools.

  • eTwinning and other IT tools (website, social media, videos etc.) were used for collaboration with partners, communication between students and dissemination. Also, participants with fewer opportunities were included in the project with specific coaching and preparation for the mobility activities.


  • This project is an example of successful collaboration between teachers from different schools, of different subjects, and students' parents. 

  • There was also impressive collaborative work with other organisations and institutions active in the environmental field.


  • Teachers designed a big part of the project outside of the classroom. 

  • Thanks to the teachers’ engagement and dedication to the project, Erasmus+ has created a real team of teachers willing to get involved in future projects.


Students acquired many skills thanks to this project: digital and language proficiency, soft skills (autonomy, teamwork, self-confidence) and a better sense of belonging to the European community. 

The theme of the project, the protection of our environment, is now a fixed component in the school program and a learning module has been added to several school subjects. 

Dissemination of the results through presentations and poster distribution allowed for raising awareness among all students in the school. 

Last but not least, a steering committee "European school Erasmus+" has been created within the school;  the European dimension is now part of the school program through student mobility, a partnership project and European networking.

SENHIAS - Belgium
Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2022





Grande Colégio da Póvoa de Varzim, SA


Biotehniski center Naklo