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European Innovative Teaching Award

No child left in the street

School: 7th Primary School of Aspropyrgos

No child left in the street - Greece

Topic(s) addressed

  • combating Early School Leaving

  • applying innovative teaching methods, especially differentiated instruction and collaborative learning to focus on pupils’ specific needs

  • opening a window to Europe through European projects

Target groups

  • Roma pupils

  • Teachers, as mediators of change

  • The whole school, revamped to be more inclusive  


Examples of methodologies developed and shared during the project implementation:

  • Differentiated instruction 

  • collaborative learning 

  • gamification

  • using technology in the classroom 

  • eTwinning was used extensively for attending seminars and events, information sharing 


  • Support was provided to the teachers at every stage of the project including 

  • A whole school approach was applied during the project- training opportunities for the teachers (including teachers and headmasters in the entire district).

  • Space and time were allocated for teachers returning from abroad to share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues.


Through their participation in structured learning events abroad, teachers were able to evolve, develop new skills and share this knowledge with the whole school. 

More specifically, teachers: 

  • explored the topic of Inclusion 

  • prioritized and designed intervention strategies in order to support pupils 

  • made good use of ICT tools in education 

  • developed pupils' 21st-century skills through innovative teaching methods 

  • motivated, guided and evaluated pupils effectively in order to develop basic competencies and help them become active members of the school community 

  • developed their own personal and professional skills and boosted their self-esteem by promoting innovative teaching methods to satisfy the needs of our multicultural society.


  • Teachers acquired new knowledge and skills and boosted their self-esteem. 

  • The IT equipment in our school is used more efficiently. 

  • Pupils started enjoying the learning process and benefitted from the innovative, collaborative teaching techniques. 

  • Rapport with parents has improved thanks to the teachers’ efforts. 

  • The local school communities also benefitted by breaking some long-lasting biases and improving collaboration.

Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022



7th Primary School of Aspropyrgos