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European Innovative Teaching Award

The magical years of life: pre-school

School: Mateřská škola 4 pastelky


Topic(s) addressed

The project centred around innovation, technology and informatics.

Target group(s)

The activities were designed for a group of preschool teachers.


The kindergarten made extensive use of visualization of activities and pictograms, which enabled children of a different mother tongue to better navigate the daily routine and activities. They tried to include cooperative learning in groups of children by dividing the class into smaller groups using the potential of assistants. The kindergarten tried to use digital tools such as microscopes and robotic toys.

Innovation environment

The school organized a discussion with the teachers of other kindergartens with a presentation that they created from photos and realities of the visited schools, at their pedagogical council. This way, they tried to spread innovative methods further in their environment. They also organized a discussion with the teachers on the same topic. The educational environment was extended to include school gardens and the outdoor equipment was supplemented.

Teachers’ role

The dedicated mentors played an important role in passing their experience on to beginning teachers. The kindergarten is intensively dedicated to the planning and implementation of further education of pedagogues in the areas of methodology, personality, and ICT. It pays attention to working with gifted children training pedagogues in accredited organizations to be able to recognize and develop giftedness. Teachers learn from each other during mutual visits and regularly exchange experiences at meetings and pedagogical councils. 

Impact and output

The project succeeded in improving the quality of the educational offer for preschool children, and working conditions for children and teachers based on the experience gained. During the duration of the project, new methods were applied, e.g. the establishment and production and subsequent daily use of pictograms, visualization of all activities with regard to the needs of children with a different mother tongue and also with regard to integrated children who need special pedagogical approaches.

Project category
  • Early childhood education and care
Project year
  • 2023



Mateřská škola 4 pastelky



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