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European Innovative Teaching Award

Little Inventors

School: JOUDG Breshia


Topic(s) addressed

The project’s objectives were to create an active preschool environment inside and outside the classroom, provide holistic learning, encourage children’s ICT development, language, and digital skills, develop their interests in math, language, science, and technology, and finally, to improve their self confidence.

Target groups

Students between the ages of 3 - 6 from North Macedonia Denmark, Turkey, Italy, and Lithuania.


Little Inventors was a project involving 5 kindergartens from North Macedonia, Denmark, Latvia, Turkey, and Italy that was in line with the EU Commission’s strategy for 2020 (the improvement of the new generation’s basic skills towards a better future for the EU). The objective was to develop such basic skills (in Science, Mathematics, Languages, ​​and Technology) through the use of play and entertainment activities. Given that practical and theoretical knowledge form important stages of the learning process, both should be combined in order to provide children with effective learning opportunities at an early age. As this was a kindergarten-level project, activities that were formulated were basic in nature. Children formed our main target group, with club activities transformed into plays in the interest of making their learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.


Teachers were exposed to new ways and methods in delivering lessons to pupils.


The 5 partner schools aimed to create long-term, tangible, and intangible outcomes so as to provide the greatest possible impacts in the enhancement of education quality and the improvement of children’s basic skills (thus ensuring holistic learning as an Innovative Practice). The project’s website provided ongoing access to general information on project activities, progress, and outcomes, and reinforced the school’s collective impact with participants.



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Istituto Comprensivo Umberto I


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk İlkokulu


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