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European Innovative Teaching Award

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School: SUGS Gimnazija Orce Nikolov


Topic(s) addressed

The topics included ICT new technologies, digital competences, new innovative curricula and educational methods, as well as development of training courses.

Target group(s)

The initiative directly targeted a group of 8 teachers in different subjects. In the broader picture, it involved all teachers and students in the school.


Multidisciplinary approaches were used in a training course to cultivate digital competences for 21st-century education, focusing on new ICT tools. Collaboratively, teachers and students developed an innovative online learning resource, which was employed during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be used thereafter.

Innovation environment

Involving all educational stakeholders in school development planning is crucial for a whole-school approach. Teachers and students played an active role in implementing and disseminating project activities involving new ICT tools in online classrooms. Their collaborative efforts led to the creation of an innovative online educational resource available to all teachers.

Teachers’ role

Despite the COVID-19 crisis impacting our dissemination plan, we adapted to the new situation, giving teachers a pivotal role. Our project activities coincided well, enabling us to leverage the newly acquired ICT knowledge, which was shared not only among course participants but also with other teachers. Those who took part in the course, mainly teachers, promptly created presentations highlighting ICT's main possibilities. This was vital as most teachers had limited ICT knowledge before the pandemic.

Impact and output

Active involvement in the project had a profound impact on teachers. They acquired knowledge about 21st-century educational principles, critical and creative thinking skills, inquiry-based and task-based learning, gamification, and formative vs. summative assessment approaches.

The school successfully developed an online educational resource, fostering a culture of resource-sharing among teachers. This initiative garnered strong support from students and received significant attention in the local community and media, further amplifying its impact.

Project category
Secondary education
Project year



SUGS Gimnazija Orce Nikolov

North Macedonia


International Training Center ITC