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European Innovative Teaching Award

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 in STEM school education

School: Szkoła Podstawowa w Koźminie


Topic(s) addressed

The project addressed key competences in (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) STREAM education and foreign languages, fostered open education and digital innovation, while also promoted creativity, cooperation skills, and the growth of knowledge in STREAM among teachers and students.

Target group(s)

The groups of participants comprised 20 students aged 12-15, 20 teachers in STREAM subjects and 80 other students.


The project focused on interdisciplinary integration and the development of hard and soft skills within STREAM education. Partner schools, including teachers and students, specialized in engineering, space, and nature, fostering expertise in these areas. Collaboration and innovative ICT tools enriched teaching. Students worked in groups, engaging in robotics classes emphasizing project-based learning. Authentic assessments like exhibitions replaced traditional grading. The eTwinning platform "Robotics through STEM (LEGO Mindstorms)" facilitated secure cooperation.

Innovation environment

Our small school, with just 100 students and 12 teachers, takes a holistic approach to education. We integrated project tasks into regular classes, offering a comprehensive learning experience. Teacher development programs focused on STREAM education, empowering educators to create engaging, innovative learning environments. Our supportive environment nurtures growth and lifelong learning for both teachers and students.

Teachers’ role

Teachers in our network underwent training in STREAM and language competences, then shared knowledge with colleagues in their schools and beyond. They collaborated, supported each other, and organized innovative classes, incorporating STREAM and ICT tools to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Impact and output

Teachers significantly expanded their knowledge (100%) and integrated ICT tools (92%). As a result, students achieved an impressive 18% increase in national exam scores in 2022, along with recognition in various competitions. The project also produced valuable educational materials and reached participants facing challenges, ensuring inclusivity. Moreover, our school is now perceived as innovative by parents and local authorities, garnering their support.



Project category
Primary education
Project year



Szkoła Podstawowa w Koźminie



Scoala Gimnaziala Elena Farago


IES Ausiàs March