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European Innovative Teaching Award

Learning is interesting and fun

School: Tallinna Suitsupääsupesa Lasteaed


Topic(s) addressed

Our goal was to improve teachers’ digital skills and build students’ critical thinking through robotics and programming using hands-on learning. We also tackled innovation of learning and evaluation processes by using technology.

Target group(s)

We successfully engaged a large number of participants comprising 932 children and 94 teachers.


In order to achieve our objectives, we effectively employed a hands-on approach creating a series of practical activities with the use of educational robots, applications and websites. During smartweeks we used technology to carry out learning for children. The eTwinning platform was used with good effect. Children had the opportunity to make their first steps in coding, programming and robotics.

Innovation environment

Children were given a chance to cooperate in small teams and learn to take more responsibility. Using technology in learning created a good environment for exploring and experimenting. It made children more active and motivated learners. The teaching process became more exciting and children were able to learn through playing as opposed to passively sitting at the desk and listening. Educational robots opened new possibilities to take learning from the classroom outdoors.

Teachers’ role

Teachers who participated in our project gained new knowledge and competence in using cutting-edge technology and educational robots, and learned how to plan and conduct learning activities that involve new technology. They cooperated in preparing practical workshops conducted during learning, teaching and training events. During Smartweeks teachers shared their experiences and activities inside all institutions with other teachers.

Impact and output

Technology and educational robots became permanently present during learning activities. Educational robots are now used during outdoor activities. The handbook created by teachers is actively used in all classrooms and shared outside partner institutions. After the project ended we created a digital children's evaluation and school maturity assessment game for tablets. There is a plan to spread the evaluation interactive game and also to create new games for other age groups. Our endeavour was nominated as a successful project and given the Golden Digital Apple prize at the EU projects local level. 

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Project category
Early childhood education and care
Project year



Tallinna Suitsupääsupesa Lasteaed



Mahmutlar 50. Yil Ahmet Kesoglu Ilkokulu


École maternelle TORDO


Escola parc del Saladar


Nipiagogio Rizariou Trikalon