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European Innovative Teaching Award

Integrated services for Active Ageing –jobs and innovative entrepreneurship

School: 2nd EPAL of Evosmos

Topic(s) addressed

Students in the technician sector were trained in integrated telemetry technologies for recording and monitoring biological signals and health parameters, while those in the health sector focused on quality care delivery methods and the utilization of telemetry systems.

Target group(s)

There were thirty students participating from Western Thessaloniki, an area with a high unemployment rate and families of lower economic status.


During the diffusion phase, a crucial element of our project's viability, we launched two significant initiatives. We collaborated with the Greek company VIDAVO to create a point-of-care telemetry system for monitoring health parameters, focusing on supporting the elderly. Additionally, we designed an innovative automated pill reminder box.
Our students actively participated in implementing these initiatives, providing services to elderly residents in our municipality.

Innovation environment

The innovative deliverables emerged from our placement in England and creative learning spaces within our school. Students gained practical skills in construction and healthcare, thanks to the sustainable use of Erasmus+ programme resources. This cross-sectoral project between technicians and health students prepared them for entrepreneurship. Additionally, students honed their social skills by actively presenting the project at congresses, on TV, and on the radio.

Teachers’ role

The teachers engaged in this project effectively applied theoretical knowledge to enhance their students' technical skills, aligning with the vocational school's mission. They actively promoted innovative knowledge fields, showcasing business opportunities in both technical and healthcare sectors. Furthermore, these teachers played a vital role in ensuring the project's sustainability, particularly in the realm of telemedicine.
Throughout the placement phase, these educators delivered theoretical subjects through seminars, provided hands-on training in vocational training centres, and offered guidance within laboratory and professional settings.

Impact and output

The project yielded significant impacts for its beneficiaries. It led to the enhancement of technical and professional skills, fostering greater proficiency. Beneficiaries also improved their use of English terminology, a valuable tool for professional development. Furthermore, the project cultivated adaptability and the ability to thrive in multicultural environments.
In addition, it expanded the possibilities of working in both Greece and the European Union, opening up new opportunities for participants.




Project category
VET schools
Project year



2nd EPAL of Evosmos



Training Vision Ltd., Portsmouth

United Kingdom

Almond Vocational Link, Plymouth

United Kingdom