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European Innovative Teaching Award

Innovative technology in learning and teaching process

School: Collège Albert Lougnon


Topic(s) addressed

The main topics addressed by the project were ICT- new technologies, digital competence, and new innovative curricula. It focused on ICT and digital tools, with the aim of developing new skills.

Target group(s)

The target group comprised a group of 2-3 educators specialising in teaching pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.


Initially, applicants sorted GDPR-compliant applications to enhance student learning. These tools were used to create semi-digital Escape Games, energize revisions, and adapt assessments. They proved crucial for COVID-19 distance courses. The eTwinning platform and Twinspace facilitated collaboration.

Innovation environment

The project involved pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds from three schools on Reunion Island and an Italian training centre. It dealt with the problem of early school leaving through a fun, creative approach that encouraged interaction between pupils, using educational games (including educational Escape Games). The new tools were particularly useful in the context of confinement. In addition, the GDPR framework was studied and taken into account in the choice and use of the new applications.

Teachers’ role

The conducted activities facilitated the development of participants’ ICT skills equipping them with new digital tools for further utilization in the classroom to foster innovative and creative learning practices for the students. for one of the participants, mobility provided a unique opportunity for a reunion with a partner known only from an eTwinning project. This proved particularly satisfying and strengthened the collaboration between the schools involved.

Impact and output

The project had a valuable impact on the participating teachers, who have developed their skills, as well as on the pupils, who became more involved in class. Also, the entire school changed its practices with a view, in particular, to tackling the early school leaving. The dissemination activities put in place have enabled the results to be shared and international openness to be promoted, while at the same time generating interest in mobility and the Erasmus+ programme.



Project category
Secondary education
Project year



Collège Albert Lougnon



Lycée d'enseignement général et technologique Pierre Bouvet, La Réunion


OGEC Lycée Cluny, La Réunion


Europass Teacher Academy