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European Innovative Teaching Award

The Inclusion Of The 21st Century Looking For New Knowledge

School: Centre for training and education of children and youth, Karlovac

Topic(s) addressed

The most relevant topics addressed by the project were: 

  • quality improvement of the school and inclusion

  • work with children with developmental disabilities

Target groups

  • Other teachers, experts in similar professions

  • Parents

  • the City of Karlovac and the community


  • Participating in the projects' mobilities, teachers have gained valuable specialistic knowledge that they implemented in their work. 

  • Teachers have implemented knowledge regarding the link between informal learning and the job market. 

  • Besides using eTwinning to find new project partners and gain valuable information, the Centre created new digital education materials. 

The Centre sought to contribute to creating equal opportunities for students with DD, directed towards their inclusive education and life.


  • The Centre has implemented new methods of teaching in their schools, in the way of using new digital, ICT tools in their teaching and learning approaches. 

  • They have also learned how to create a new environment in which the children would feel safe and free. 

  • Thanks to this project, the cooperation between teachers, professionals, the school leader and the parents of children with developmental disabilities was strengthened and promoted.


  • The teachers that participated in this project shared their knowledge with other teachers in their respective fields (an interdisciplinary approach). 

  • They have improved the skills and competencies needed to work with children with developmental disabilities (digital, linguistic, communicational, social, interpersonal, etc.). 

  • They are planning on continuously disseminating the knowledge they gained outside the Centre. 


  • The knowledge gained was so great the Centre implemented changes in the way they work, by way of changing and how they work with parents of children with developmental disabilities. 

  • The curriculum, and the yearly plan of the Centre have been upgraded according to the knowledge gained on the project.

  • the way of working with the parents of children with developmental disabilities has improved.

  • There’s also an endeavour to influence educational policies in Croatia, 

  • Working on the curriculum for students with developmental disabilities on the national level (participating in e- Counselling). 

  • The Centre is planning to reach institutions in other countries with its dissemination plan. 

The Inclusion Of The 21st Century Looking For New Knowledge - Croatia
Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2022



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