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European Innovative Teaching Award

iExpress myself II

School: Koninklijke Visio


Topic(s) addressed

The project's topics revolve around technology and innovation, encompassing both in its core focus.

Target group(s)

The target group comprises children who are both multiply disabled and visually impaired, with a developmental age ranging from 0 to 4 years old.


"iExpress Myself II" utilizes a versatile methodology that combines formal, non-formal, and informal learning, emphasizing learner responsibility. Inclusion is a core principle, promoting active participation and cooperation to create a collaborative learning environment that empowers learners and cultivates real-world collaborative skills.

Innovation environment

The project's true innovation lies in its inclusive approach to execution, where software is specially developed to cater to every child's needs, aiding them in their societal integration. This innovative aspect becomes evident in the positive impact observed on a particular group of vulnerable students, even though quantifying the project's daily impact on primary schools remains challenging.

Teachers’ role

Led by a passionate team of specialized teachers for children with special needs, the 'iExpress Myself II' software initiative was a clear vision from the start. Teachers have been pivotal in driving the project's goals and outcomes, while a strong international collaboration with parents, students, and researchers has added depth and detail to this endeavour.

Impact and output

The project demonstrated a direct impact on the target group, particularly focusing on children with fewer opportunities within society. The software was freely available for use, making it accessible to every school. It was available in English, Dutch, Spanish, and Bulgarian.



Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2023



Koninklijke Visio



Fundacion aspaym Castilla y Leon


Bjonustu-og Bekkingarmiostoo Fyrirblinda Sjonskerta og Daugblinda Einstaklinga


Vakok Ovodaja, Altalanos Iskolaja, Szakiskolaja, Keszegfejleszto Iskolaja, Egyseges Gyogypedagogiai Modszertani Intezmenye, Kollegiuma es Gyemekotthona