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European Innovative Teaching Award

Green Trends in Vocational Education in the South

School/Coordinator: Martin János Szakképző Iskola, Szakiskola és Készségfejlesztő Iskola

Green Trends in Vocational Education in the South - Hungary

Topic(s) addressed

  • Sustainability

  • Inclusion

Target groups

  • SEN students aged 16-26 y/o


  • The green approach as the main featurre- students working as carpenters and park caretakers

  • Maintaining Mediterranean gardens- planting and park designing

  • Studying farm building, automatised greenhouse system, operating a computer-controlled nutrient supply and automatised climate control and shading

  • The carpenters learnt how to use eco-friendly or recycled materials, made components of cork, and used natural materials for surface treatment.


  • Travelling abroad proved challenging for some students

  • However, the internships created a great opportunity for students to gain new professional skills


  • The teachers learnt:

  • new methodologies which, when used properly in SEN training, will reduce early school leaving

  • new technologies

  • using eco-friendly, natural materials

  • They developed outcome-oriented training programs for all professions

  • The crucial role of the teachers in the successful implementation if traineeships


  • Thematic days and weeks, career orientation programs and free-time activities as examples of the project outcome integrated into the school’s training programme

  • Students’ attitudes changing towards an environmentally conscious life of better quality. 

  • The companies in Portugal reported their students returning home as more direct, communicative, and confident in their fields and excellent team players

Project category
VET schools
Project year



Martin János Szakképző Iskola, Szakiskola és Készségfejlesztő Iskola


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