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European Innovative Teaching Award

Foreign professional practice - the path to a career 2

School: Zespół Szkół Techniczno – Informatycznych w Busku – Zdroju


Topic(s) addressed

The project covered three main topic groups comprising coding and programming, car mechanics and renewable energy.

Target group(s)

In accordance with the topics, three groups of participants were involved. Those included 48 IT technicians, 15 vehicle technicians and 15 renewable energy devices and systems specialists.


During the internship programs, we employed a multidisciplinary approach to all professions, enhancing both professional and digital/social skills. Participants utilized digital tools like Canva and video editors for communication and project dissemination. They also gained multicultural cooperation experience.

Innovation environment

Our school actively supports an innovative approach to education, fostering an environment that encourages both students and teachers to embrace innovation. For instance, two of our IT students, guided by a teacher, developed an application to automate computer game server administration, participating in a nationwide competition.

We also promote cross-sectoral collaboration. This project exemplifies our commitment to interdisciplinary cooperation and creating an environment conducive to educational innovation.

Teachers’ role

The teachers promote experiential learning and engage in collaborations with universities and industry partners. They embrace innovation, using project-based teaching and fostering collaboration. They introduce creative teaching tools, simulations, and practical tasks, inspiring student independence. Their vocational training approach is influenced by the Spanish education system.

Impact and output

The project positively impacted student motivation, leading to improved academic performance and success in exams. Many participants aim to pursue higher education, part-time jobs, or independent projects.

International internship opportunities continue to motivate students to excel academically. Moreover, the project enhanced education's effectiveness, better preparing students for the evolving job market, while also fostering teacher collaboration, peer learning, and an innovative approach to education.



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VET schools
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Zespół Szkół Techniczno – Informatycznych w Busku – Zdroju