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European Innovative Teaching Award

Exploring the potential of Content and Language Integrated Learning in an Irish Secondary School Context

School/Coordinator: Manor House School

Topic(s) addressed

  • Learning together – staff members through mobility and cross-curricular CLIL work, students learning language and content together. 

  • Sustainability – encouraging participation among staff focusing on Sustainable Development in CLIL modules.

Target groups

  • 2 teachers & Deputy Principal travelled & reported to the wider staff. 

  • 60 students of the CLIL module.


  • Including the observation of CLIL practices and collaboration with French partners in the planning and delivery of CLIL lessons. 

  • Looking at innovative and creative ways to address concerns about standards among language learners, while presenting them with opportunities to study a wide range of subjects. 

  • Integrating aspects of Maths, Geography, History, Politics, European Studies & Civics to present fresh modules to TY students, all through the medium of French, with further collaboration already underway in other areas.


Sustainability as a key element of the project:

  • building an in-school programme involving many staff members (& thus will be sustainable into the future)

  • focusing on Sustainable Development Goals in modules taught & being planned 

Helping to make CLIL a viable & sustainable approach on a national level:

  • project co-ordinator’s work with Post-Primary Languages Ireland

  • designing & implementing teaching resources

  • supporting MFL teachers as they learn about CLIL


  • Learning to learn as a particularly important competence identified for this project

  • Introducing a completely new methodology into the school 

  • It is essential for potential CLIL programme teachers to be open to learning how to learn languages (and content at the same time) in the new approach.

  • Task-related preparation was offered by the project coordinator to all participants. 

  • Sharing knowledge and prior experience of collaboration and job-shadowing to help new participants and teachers from the partner school


  • Sharing experiences of working with European colleagues through the involvement in the National Pilot Project for CLIL. 

  • CLIL was specifically mentioned in the Languages Connect– Ireland's Strategy for Foreign Lanugages in Education 2017-2026, as introduced by the Department of Education and Skills in December 2017, 

  • This pilot project intends to reach MFL Departments nationwide. 

  • The experience from this and previous projects will be shared and hopefully, have a positive impact on future national CLIL initiatives.

Exploring the potential of Content and Language Integrated Learning in an Irish Secondary School Context - Ireland
Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2022



Lycée Richelieu