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European Innovative Teaching Award

Erasmus PRO for Community Development, Digital Media and the Creative Industries

School: Capacity Ireland


Topic(s) addressed

The project integrated innovative teaching and learning methodologies, emphasizing the fusion of work and learning.

Target group(s)

This initiative was designed for VET learners in the Community Development, Digital Media and the Creative Industries sectors, especially those disadvantaged within the labour market.


Our innovative methodology enabled learners to start their vocational course in Ireland before accessing ErasmusPro mobilities, all while continuing remote learning and completing 25-30 hours of weekly work experience.

During their mobilities, learners applied and refined their skills, enhancing qualification attainment rates and employability. The European dimension also provided linguistic and cultural skills for EU employment.

Innovation environment

Our innovative environment blended VET provision with work experience placements, turning workplaces into dynamic learning spaces alongside traditional classrooms.

ErasmusPro placements were specialized, featuring roles like ceramicists, photographers, and graphic designers. Learners gained hands-on experience working alongside professionals, greatly enhancing their sector-specific skills, employability, and workplace proficiency.

Teachers’ role

Teachers played a key role as innovators through partnerships with diverse host employers for ErasmusPro mobilities. They collaborated directly with these employers to design workplace training plans, aligning with course objectives and maximizing learners' skill development.

This engagement also kept teachers updated on professional practices and employer skill needs in the target sectors, allowing them to integrate the latest innovations and employer insights into their courses.

Impact and output

The project's most significant impact is evident in job outcomes, with over 75% of learners securing employment in their chosen field after ErasmusPro mobilities.

This achievement stands out in highly competitive sectors, surpassing outcomes of equivalent VET courses without innovative ErasmusPro integration.

The project also promoted extensive collaboration between teachers and employers, fostering innovation and employer-led skills development within courses, which has since expanded across our VET provision.



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VET schools
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Capacity Ireland