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European Innovative Teaching Award

Dreamers Beyond Borders

School: Lycée professionnel Honoré Baradat


Topic(s) addressed

The main subjects the project tackled were motivation, autonomy and cooperation. The efforts were also put into building self-esteem, inclusiveness and school values. The end goal was to prevent school dropouts.

Target group(s)

The project aimed to involve students, high school staff and parents. The students with immigrant origins were particularly welcomed. The stakeholders involved were the city hall officials and various relevant associations.


We focused our project on innovative practices that enhance students’ motivation thanks to a playful and interactive approach using multimedia. Thus, two of our final productions took the shape of a multimedia game and a culinary book.

Through theatre and photography, we captured images in order to produce a book that illustrates “the journey of an immigrant”.

Cooperation between different stakeholders, aided by the eTwinning platform and social networks was crucial to accomplish the tasks.

We also used music as a pedagogical approach.

Innovation environment

This project was an opportunity to develop students’ digital skills. They were encouraged and given freedom and autonomy in their learning and creative processes.

Photographic and artistic exhibitions helped our students and their parents become familiar with school spaces.

Our project helped promote humanistic values and school openness to the world.

We also engaged with academic training institutions.

Teachers’ role

The presence of educational trainers and special education teachers allowed us to define a methodology for implementing our activities through practice analysis and research work.

As a result, we have created our own teaching tools. Our project aimed at leading our students to understand migrants’ motivations and hopes.

The diverse expertise (theatre, cooking, computer science and so on) fostered their cooperative spirit which they needed so as to facilitate exchanges and encounters.

Impact and output

We chose to focus on specific aspects of migration, which allowed some of our students to reveal more about themselves. The pride they take in their origins and personal journeys sometimes enables them to speak up, even if some of their stories are painful.

Our project had a lasting impact on the perspectives of many young people and adults, particularly regarding minors who are isolated and who have been deeply affected by their chaotic and often traumatic experiences.

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Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



Lycée professionnel Honoré Baradat



General Lyceum of Eleoussa, Ioanina




Istanbul Büyüksehir Sehit Serife Baci Çok Programli Anadolu Lisesi, Avcilar


Elektrenu Versmes gimnazija, Elektrenai


Lycée Saint-Exupéry, La Rochelle