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European Innovative Teaching Award

Difficult topics in good fan - education in the future

School: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 im. Olimpijczyków Polskich w Pile


Topic(s) addressed

The project focused on modern technologies and digital tools for developing logical thinking in young children, a comprehensive approach to learning that includes foreign languages, and enhancing teachers' professional competences.

Target group(s)

The target groups for this project consisted of 22 kindergarten teachers and approximately 110 children aged 5-6 years who were in their one-year pre-school preparation program.


Introducing 5-6-year-olds to coding and programming through blocks and robots helped them explore exact sciences and use modern digital technologies safely. Teachers created an environment for developing key competencies through games and daily activities, preparing them for the future. They also facilitated online classes and games for international interactions in different languages.

Innovation environment

We introduced innovative approaches for 5-6-year-olds, including Education Through Movement, Montessori-inspired elements, math and educational games, Ozobots for programming, Lego Education for coding, and fundamental games like the Magic carpet. These innovations were integrated into the school's core curriculum, and our research was published in various platforms, sparking interest among teachers and students.

Providing tools like blocks, robots, and a magic carpet inspired teachers to develop and implement the "Magic blocks - learning through play" innovation, fostering an innovative learning environment.

Teachers’ role

The teachers shared their classroom experiences, publishing innovative teaching methods online. They developed skills in planning creative games, experiential learning, and using technology to enhance logical thinking.

Their transnational network enabled collaboration, allowing children to engage with peers from English-speaking countries online, with teachers guiding these experiences.

Impact and output

A network of contacts has been established for transnational educational projects, such as the Job Shadowing training offer for organizations seeking partners Key Action 1 of Erasmus+. Our innovative solutions serve as an inspiration for young teachers and trainees, supporting the development of key competencies for all project participants. Equal access to modern technologies enables barrier-free development of logical thinking through teamwork. Teachers are equipped for self-assessment, including proficiency in a foreign language, fostering bilingualism in kindergarten, facilitating digital communication, information processing, and implementing innovative activities.



Project category
Early childhood education and care
Project year



Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 im. Olimpijczyków Polskich w Pile



3rd Kindergarten Trilofou


Escola Pla de Girona