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European Innovative Teaching Award

Czech-Slovak Cultural and Art Influence in Bulgaria

School: Secondary Art Glass School in Valašské Meziříčí

Czech-Slovak Cultural and Art Influence in Bulgaria - Czechia

Topic(s) addressed

  • Creativity and culture 

  • Participatory learning

  • Cross-cultural cooperation

Target groups

  • Pupils and teachers from participating organisations

  • The public


  • Teaching methods were based on the interdisciplinary interconnection between schools engaged in artistic activities resulting in different approaches to filmmaking.

  • The participants were not only encouraged to use knowledge and skills already acquired at school but they also learned new skills from experts in the field. 

  • Strengthening the competencies thanks to working in an international team, where cooperation and establishing a friendly working atmosphere was crucial.


  • Working at three different art schools and using specialized classrooms and studios (recording studio, editing room with special software, professional make- up and costume studios or photo studio with high-quality equipment.)

  • Part of the first activity took place in a learning centre outside the school in Plovdiv, which helped to create a non-formal learning environment.


  • All teachers involved in the project were not only supervisors but mainly active participants in film production. 

  • The project activities allowed teachers to strengthen their professional competencies and gave them an opportunity to exchange ideas and teaching practices on the international level.


  • Both teachers and pupils strengthened their creative skills in multimedia communications.

  • The project’s topic connects all participating countries – the idea of Slavonic reciprocity and the building of the newly established Bulgarian state at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Both researched personalities greatly influenced their communities and took an active interest in public life. 

  • Two short documentaries screened in various places in CZ, SK and BG aroused a great interest in the topic. 

  • Thanks to the project, the coordinating school established a cooperation with the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague, where screening of the films and an exhibition of the pupils' works of art took place.

Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2022



National High School of Stage and Film Design


School of Arts Trenčin