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European Innovative Teaching Award

Coding the future

School: Liceo Scientfco Statale "F.Masci"


Topic(s) addressed

The project focused on new innovative curricula and teaching methods as well as on developing training courses.

Target group(s)

The methodologies employed in the project were grounded in theoretical lessons and practical presentations showcasing examples of good teaching practices. These methodologies also encompassed discussions, the sharing and comparison (through benchmarking) of experiences among peers. The activities focused on the development of digital citizenship competences and the utilization of ICTs in the classroom within a diverse range of highly motivating European learning environments.

Innovation environment

The project harnessed engaging learning environments, amplified by the use of new technologies. These environments played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing students' attention and focus. They not only fostered meaningful and cross-cultural learning experiences but also spurred students to perform at higher levels. Moreover, they served as a driving force behind students' motivation to practice critical thinking, ensuring the safe and responsible use of ICTs and digital social media.

Teachers’ role

To ensure students' digital competitiveness and enable them to become active agents of innovation in teaching and learning, both within the school community and beyond, it was crucial that teachers were adequately equipped and resourced. They possessed digital confidence and were supportive in teaching the digital and coding skills demanded by the modern job market.

Impact and output

The project left a significant impact on teachers, participating organizations, the school community, the school network, and local communities. It notably boosted teachers' motivation, engagement, and competencies in terms of Knowledge-Skills-Attitudes. This, in turn, positively affected students' outcomes and their digital citizenship. Moreover, it set off a chain reaction within the school community, promoting the exchange of 'good practices,' innovative tools, and methodologies related to ICT, Coding, and Computational Thinking. These valuable insights originated from an international-level environment and were derived from a well-tested European Project.



Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2023



Liceo Scientfco Statale "F.Masci"





Universidade do Algarve