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European Innovative Teaching Award

Citizen in 31 Hours

School: Lietuvos laisvosios rinkos institutas


Topic(s) addressed

The main topics included interdisciplinary phenomenon-based learning of social awareness and transversal social competences. The project also comprised methods and practices to create cutting-edge content and interactive ICT-based tools.

Target group(s)

The impressive number of 300,000+ upper secondary school students and 15,000+ educators across three countries, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland were involved in the project.


Our innovative method integrates economics, civics, and ethics, recognizing that social phenomena result from complex human interactions crossing disciplinary boundaries. It employs phenomenon-based learning enriched with personal, community, and global perspectives, using real-world issues like inequality, poverty, and artificial intelligence as starting points. Students take a central role, acquiring knowledge and skills naturally tied to real-life contexts. Interactive methods like inquiry learning, problem-based learning, and experiential learning are used, aided by ICT tools for an engaging educational experience.

Innovation environment

We created an interactive, student-centered learning environment for the course "Citizen in 31 Hours." It's highly digitalized, accessible through personal student accounts, and features various ICT-based tools like quizzes, tests, multimedia, and more. Personalised accounts empowered students to interact directly with content and tools while teachers could assign tasks and monitor progress.

Teachers’ role

Teachers played a pivotal role in the evolving competence-based curriculum. We aimed to shift their role from primary instructors to facilitators, empowering students to become independent learners. This transformation included providing teachers with innovative tools, peer collaboration, and subject integration. It also involved creating student-cantered learning environments and utilizing interactivity and digitalization to boost motivation, engagement, and learning outcomes.

Impact and output

The "Citizen in 31 Hours" course revolutionized citizenship, ethics, and economics education in schools. It granted access to innovative content and tools, enhancing a student-cantered learning environment and improving motivation, participation, and performance.

According to teacher feedback, it proved to be a "beneficial tool in the classroom."

Our interdisciplinary approach expanded upper secondary school students' comprehension of real-world dynamics, offering deeper insights into contemporary social issues' complexity. Our platform provided a fresh and accessible approach to civics, ethics, and economics for today's youth.



Project category
Secondary education
Project year



Lietuvos laisvosios rinkos institutas



Latvijas Universitate


Laisvosios mokyklos institutas


E. mokykla


Fundacja Liberté!