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European Innovative Teaching Award

Caterers on the run

School: Secondary vocational school for economy Sombor


Topic(s) addressed

This project emphasized entrepreneurship as a vital skill for future generations, encouraging students to cultivate this competency to prepare them for success beyond their school years.

Target group(s)

The initiative involved students aged 15-19 and teachers of vocational subjects in participating schools.


The project focused on catering-related skills, with teachers and students actively participating. A training program and handbook were developed. Special attention was given to students facing challenges, helping them build teamwork, adaptability, and business awareness. A parallel project on the eTwinning platform served as a dissemination channel.

Innovation environment

Partners collaborated to enhance their teaching methods, incorporating entrepreneurship to align with future labour market demands. Pupils engaged in international teamwork, developing business plans for catering projects. The partner schools integrated these outcomes into their practices and shared them with interested parties.

Teachers’ role

Teachers played a crucial role as innovators in this project. They identified shortcomings in their schools' approach and collaborated to address them, incorporating entrepreneurship into their curricula. Through cooperation and peer learning, they enhanced their own knowledge and skills, creating a tool for future use in their teaching practices.

Impact and output

The project enhanced the quality of VET teaching and content, making these courses more appealing to partner schools and boosting their students' competencies, better preparing them for the job market upon graduation. The most significant impact was on the project's direct participants, particularly those with fewer opportunities, who were encouraged to actively engage in their learning and future development.



Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



Secondary vocational school for economy Sombor



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