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European Innovative Teaching Award

Broadening Perspectives

School/Coordinator: St Margaret College, Zabbar Primary B

Broadening Perspectives - Malta

Topic(s) addressed

  • Diversity 

  • Inclusion 

  • Continued professional development 

  • Transversal competences

Target groups

  • 1 Head of School

  • 2 Assistant Heads

  • 1 Inclusion coordinator

  • 4 Teachers

  • 4 Learning Support Educators


  • This project was about creating a fully inclusive classroom helping learners benefit from diversity, while ensuring equal access to learning. 

  • The project supported a more comprehensive understanding of methodologies including the use of digital tools. 

  • It encouraged participants to look beyond subject content to develop transversal competencies. 

  • Participants fluidly moved between formal and non-formal methods.


  • Our vision is to transform the school into a hub of professional excellence and innovative practices. 

  • At the core of this vision are educators as enablers and facilitators of learning. 

  • The project helped the rethinking of school spaces and available resources to create "new" inviting spaces where diverse activities can take place. 

  • Some of these spaces are also open to outside entities that promote inclusion within the wider community.  


  • The project encouraged educators to bring about change in the classrooms. 

  • It owes its inception to a motivated group of Learning Support Educators who expressed an interest in attending professional development courses.

  • Through this project, we wanted to provide “support for teachers and other staff through specialist services that focus on upskilling school personnel” and through the cross-fertilisation of ideas across contexts and networks.


  • The project has spurred enthusiasm across the board. 

  • It broadened participants' perspectives and offered new insights into the teaching and learning process. 

  • Dissemination activities were organised at the school level through informal networking and through focused initiatives. 

  • It created more awareness, assimilation of new methodologies and a renewed vigour to invest in professional development, including opportunities for networking. 

  • The project raised a sense of openness spilt over to students and the wider community.

Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022



Internationales Forum für die Bildung der Zukunft


Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH


Europass SRL


Euromind Projects SL


European Academy of Creativity