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European Innovative Teaching Award

APPEL : Learning to grow by protecting environment and humans

School: EPLEFPA Les Sillons de Haute Alsace

APPEL - France

Topic(s) addressed

  • New production techniques- new teaching methods to produce differently, sustainably and locally

  • Citizenship education 

  • Preventing dropping out of the students with fewer opportunities

Target groups

  • 60 level IV learners (including 12 young people with fewer opportunities)

  • 30 teachers 

  • 4 schools


  • Multidisciplinary approach

  • "Learning per doing" to make the learners autonomous

  • Creating tutorial materials, e.g. apps, games, videos

  • Using role-plays in citizen education to illustrate the migration issues

  • Discovering the history and daily life of certain learners


  • Cooperation between the teachers and the farm supervisor was established.

  • Extensive application of field work:

  • The no-till farming with mulching and the use of green manure 

  • Various departments of the schools embarked on a K2 in agroforestry.

  • New agro ecological modules are designed in which the irrigation system is set by NVQ students with Oyas (microporous clay jars).

  • The no-till farming with an excellent harvest was jointly undertaken by learners and teachers.

  • Teachers exchange their Kahoot interactive MCQs.


  • The teachers helped learners become players. Together, they developed and produced tutorial materials.

  • The teachers supported the learners in applying no-till farming to obtain an excellent harvest.


  • Boosting self-esteem, confidence and motivation of all the learners.

  • In the long term, openness and adaptation to change were strengthened.

  • The contributions of various departments resulted in promoting innovation for the other partners.

  • The project reinforced our European identity through exposure to cultural diversity.

Zainteresované strany


EPLEFPA Les Sillons de Haute Alsace


Etablissement Public National d'Enseignement et de Formation Professionnelle Agricole, Coconi


Edith Stein Schule, Freiburg


LFS, Langenlois