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European Innovative Teaching Award

Acquisition of key competencies and international transfers of professional experience in new technologies in engineering

School: A' Technical School of Limassol


Topic(s) addressed

We wanted our students to be familiar with technology systems so they could strengthen their position in the market. 

Target group(s)

Participants were 14 students attending the motor vehicle department, 30 from mechanical engineering and 8 from furniture department.


The hosting organizations (WCS College) were chosen as they had the necessary equipment such as CNC programming, digital diagnostics and simulators on hybrid and electric cars, as well as qualified staff. The participants attended the college courses, both theoretical and workshops. They became better acquainted with the teaching and learning methods together with the opportunity to enhance the cultural experience. 

Innovation environment

We took the learning far beyond the classroom facilitating visits to the Rolls Royce factory where engines are assembled and tested. The participants went also to see the Nissan facilities including the academy where they could observe the problem-solving practices. Those visits were of vital importance to the students as there are no such facilities in their home country, and for many of them, this proved to be a lifetime experience.

Teachers’ role

Daily communication between teachers and students improved the program to the maximum. The participants were under constant guidance of the accompanying teachers as well as the trainers of each host organization who took over the education of these students in the specific subjects. The instructors of each host organization were very supportive in order to achieve the set goals.

Impact and output

Regardless of specialization, the students understood the necessity of continuously upgrading the technology to respond to industrial needs. They significantly improved their way of thinking by solving various problems. The results in the cognitive field and in the improvement of skills and abilities of the beneficiaries were evident. The need for continuous learning at a professional level as well as the imperative need for acquisition of modern equipment were understood.



Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



A' Technical School of Limassol



West College Scotland, Clydebank Campus, Glasgow

United Kingdom

Bildungsgesellschaft mbH Pritzwalk, Berlin


Technical Educational Institution Thessalias, Larisa