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European Innovative Teaching Award

Work 4.0 - future job market

School: Valmieras tehnikums


Topic(s) addressed

The topics included cooperation between educational institutions and business, enterprise, industry, SMEs and entrepreneurship. It also encompassed labour market issues like career guidance and youth unemployment.

Target group(s)

The project involved vocational education and training students in STEM subjects from the group age 16-19 years old. Starting with the modes 24 participants it grew to around 100.


The project employed a coaching methodology that motivated students to study independently. They gained practical insights by visiting companies, applying automation solutions to their projects. Digital tools like eTwinning platform, MS Teams, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Sheets facilitated international teamwork. For complex topics, a traditional teaching method ensured thorough understanding.

Innovation environment

The project innovatively utilised diverse environments, including innovative enterprises, organizations, and robot exhibitions, as valuable learning spaces. This approach extended learning beyond classroom walls, providing students with hands-on experiences and insights into real-world automation operations. Enterprises emerged as ideal learning spaces, offering excitement, engagement, and practical learning opportunities.

Teachers’ role

Teachers' cooperation and peer learning were essential aspects of effective education. While teachers couldn't be experts in all fields, they needed strong cooperation skills to identify experts and incorporate them into the teaching process. This required a solid foundation of general knowledge about the topic at hand, as well as effective management skills. Peer learning played a crucial role in promoting interaction and the exchange of fresh ideas, innovative methods, and teaching techniques among educators.

Impact and output

All students felt better prepared for the job market after the project’s conclusion. All participating teachers continued their work on other projects. Valmieras Tehnikums invested in modern educational equipment like a 3D virtual cave and a welding simulator. In response to the project's insight that new professions require lifelong learning, Valmieras Tehnikums is expanding adult education and e-learning courses.



Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



Valmieras tehnikums



Berufskolleg Halle, Wesft.