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European Innovative Teaching Award

Promoting Inclusion and Motivation Through Peer Support

School: Sandagymnasiet Jönköpings kommun

Promoting Inclusion and Motivation Through Peer Support - Sweden

Topic(s) addressed

  • Integration of refugees
  • Inclusion - equity
  • Early school leaving/combating failure in education 

Target groups

  • 17 pupils-  pre-national and special aid programmes  
  • 70 pupils with diverse backgrounds


  • There was a significant focus on inclusion, both concerning the topic for the project and the participants involved. 
  • 15 participants were identified as students with fewer opportunities. 
  • The issue of the problematic transition between schools and the feeling of exclusion was addressed and a system of peer support and co-coaching was developed. 
  • Students visited and involved organisations working on transition, inclusion, and motivational issues thus linking formal, non-formal and informal learning. 
  • eTwinning was effectively used in the project. 
  • The active learning approach was used in the project. 


  • The results of the project have been implemented in the whole school. 
  • They regarded the transition between different levels of education. 
  • They also initiated extracurricular activities to foster possibilities for different ways of learning. 
  • Since the project is based on concrete needs at each school the results will be maintained and continued beyond the scope of the EU funding as part of nuanced pedagogical methods used at the schools. 
  • The activities undertaken do not require any special funding, most of them require only an adaptation to a new way of thinking and acting which makes the results sustainable.


  • The teachers discussed and developed their ability to meet the pupils' needs through workshops focusing on motivation and inclusion issues. 
  • They attended lectures by guest speakers and organized visits to organisations in the field that helped them significantly develop their skills and competencies. 
  • The teachers together evaluated all the activities undertaken in connection with the project. They continue working towards closer and more efficient cooperation. 


  • A product from the project is a methodological toolkit used by the participating organisations. 
  • The schools started cross- and/or extracurricular activities and have expanded the curriculum with more creative subjects. 
  • At Sandagymnasiet they created a platform for integration between the pre-national and the national programmes by having joint activities such as project days, outdoor activities and the buddy system. 
  • The peer-to-peer-support is currently in place for the 17–18-year-olds preparing them for the last year of secondary education. 
  • The pupils learnt to identify which type of learning method works best for them. 
Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2022



Gymnasium Beekvliet


Kooperative Gesamtschule Waldschule Schwanewede


Trinity Academy

United Kingdom