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European Innovative Teaching Award

Interactive Gulbene Primary School environment and learning methods

School/Coordinator: Gulbenes novada vidusskola

Topic(s) addressed

  • Pedagogy and didactics

  • New innovative curricula/ educational methods

  • Quality improvement institutions and/or methods

  • Inclusion – equity

  • Learning outside the classroom

Target groups

  • Teachers and technical staff 

  • Pupils from 1st to 6th grade (14 classes)

  • Parents and other visitors


  • In-class courses for teachers, demonstrating the methods/approaches in practice 

  • Teachers developed a licensed program to share their knowledge with their colleagues on the local and regional levels. 

  • Methods descriptions were translated in order to understand them fully. 

  • Variety of teaching methods: flipped classroom, microlearning method; different STEM teaching approaches; gaming (table, digital, role, activity); experimental learning etc.


  • Creating teaching materials to be integrated inside or outside the classroom to enrich the learning environment. 

  • All classes learned how to work in a group, take into account EVERY opinion and work together towards a common goal. 

  • Creating an outside classroom by taking chairs and tables outside

  • The learning corners were developed and equipped with hand-made learning aid objects.  

  • A friendly environment for the primary school age group was created primary. 


  • The practical knowledge gained by the participating teachers passed on to their colleagues for the development of further ideas.

  • Teachers created tutorial materials for their own use and gave an example of how new methods work in practice.

  • Non-formal learning was integrated into the school curriculum enabling teachers and students to look outside the box and complement formal learning.


  • New indoor and outdoor activities as a huge step to make the school environment interactive for pupils.

  • The learning process has been diversified by a non-formal approach. 

  • Independent learning skills were developed- the students did their own research before creating tutorial materials. 

  • The project involved every class in the school as well as the parents boosting the sense of school community

  • The school has become a glaring example of innovation for all visitors.

Interactive Gulbene Primary School environment and learning methods - Latvia
Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022



Gulbenes novada vidusskola


DES Primary private Company