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European Innovative Teaching Award

I discover Europe with my profession

School: PGHTBT Maria Curie, Razgrad

I discover Europe with my profession - Bulgaria

Topic(s) addressed

  • International cooperation 

  • International relations

  • Development cooperation

  • Natural sciences

  • Quality improvement institutions and/or methods

Target groups

33 students, 9th - 12th grade, 16 - 20 years old


  • we use an interdisciplinary approach (e.g biotechnology, microbiology, analytical chemistry etc.)

  • the students learn the common basis of all the subjects and gain an awareness of the whole technological process. 

  • All students will do a compulsory internship of duration according to their grade and chosen profession

  • For validation and recognition, the certificates of participation will be issued e.g. Europass mobility and ECVET. All participants will take an exam.

  • Using eTwinning to connect with partner schools

  • School Education Gateway to look for tools and information about successful teaching models, as well as opportunities for further training 

  • EPALE to publish information on the results of the project


The objectives of the Marie Curie PGHTBT in the field of European mobility and cooperation are:

  • to train professionals in line with the requirements of the European labour market

  • to establish and improve cooperation with European companies

  • to improve capacity to work on European projects and partnerships

  • to form a European identity

  • to improve the inclusion of disadvantaged students

  • to establish itself as a modern educational institution in the European Union


The teachers involved:

  • are also engineers in biotechnology, chemical technology, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

  • have extensive professional experience in production processes

  • have been involved in many projects regarding innovative teaching methods for more than 10 years


At the local and regional level: 

  • students are better prepared to suit the labour market

  • better opportunities for cooperation between businesses and educational institutions 

  • better opportunities for students to gain international experience 

At the national level: 

  • better-trained staff in the Chemicals and Technologies business in line with European standards; 

At the European level: 

  • developing partnerships between the school, its local partners, and businesses in Europe; 

  • supporting the exchange of professional skills and knowledge 

Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2022