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European Innovative Teaching Award

Health Care Professional Foreign Internship for students and teachers

School: Stredni zdravotnicka skola a Vyssi odborna skola zdravotnicka


Topic(s) addressed

The project addressed the topics of innovation, ICT, technology, informatics and health care.

Target group(s)

This project was conceived to benefit our healthcare teachers and learners with a special focus on dental hygienists, medical laboratory assistants and dental technicians.


A student in the field of dental technician participated in a one-month-long internship in Italy and carried out professional practice in a dental laboratory. The laboratory was known for its use of 3D programs for the modelling of dental prostheses followed by CAM fabrication. She gained direct experience with preparation, data entry, software and the entire workflow needed for this specific area of ICT use in dental practice.

Innovation environment

Teachers participating in vocational education and training internships abroad shared gained experience in staff meetings. ICT teachers were included in the integration of new technologies and helped discover how to incorporate these technologies into the learning programs.

Teachers’ role

Vocational education and training teachers became reference points sharing gained experience and knowledge with other learners and other teachers. They regularly carry out discussions on possibilities of how to integrate new methods and technologies in teaching.

Impact and output

New skills and practices gained during the internship were presented to other students and teachers in the school. Thanks to the experiences gained in Italy, 3D modelling and printing method in dental care was adapted into the school curriculum and is now an integral part of teaching and studying. In the year following the project, students managed to enter and win the prize of the best educational project in the competition Prusa Education Programme with their dental impression tray model.

Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



Stredni zdravotnicka skola a Vyssi odborna skola zdravotnicka



Masti e Bartoli s.n.c., Florence


Prótesis Del Sur Sociedad Limitada and Torrecillas Protesis Dental, Granada


Dentalforma, Valencia