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European Innovative Teaching Award

El patio de Babel

School: Athénée Royal de Beaumont

Topic(s) addressed

The topics addressed were: 

  • Creativity - the impact of spaces and architecture on learning 

  • Quality improvement methods

Target groups

300 upper secondary school students aged 15 to 18 years old were involved in the project.


This project offered a new methodology to increase motivation for language learning:

  • It brought foreign languages to a patio where all students can express themselves freely, are not scared to make mistakes, help others in language learning and become curious about languages. 

  • The patio was also the community’s creation, “de Babel”, where you can discover different cultures, mainly through artistic activities. 

  • During the duration of the project, students used many different IT tools: eTwinning, Jamboard, Padlet, recording of a radio podcast 

  • Each student took an active part in all activities and commented on productions made by others enhancing their sense of active citizenship and their involvement in the project


  • The creative use of spaces at school with the setting up of the patio as a new learning and communication space is really innovative. 

  • There was a lot of collaboration with local organizations, artists and a refugee centre (to raise students’ awareness of the issue).  


  • The impressive level of creativity and involvement from the teachers demonstrated by the number of activities and their diversity 

  • Successful collaboration between teachers of different subjects (philosophy, French, history,…) and the students’ parents.


  • A direct impact on the students who felt confident in their ability to learn a language and express themselves. 

  • The students became curious about languages and other cultures and broadened their perspectives thanks to the meetings with external actors. 

  • They also developed many IT skills. 

  • There has been efficient dissemination of the results at the school but also to a wider audience. 

  • Finally, the impact was also noticed on the local community level with discussions at the centre for refugees and creation of games & activities for a retirement home among other things.

El patio de Babel - Belgium
Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2022





Institut La Serra


Lycée polyvalent Louis Armand