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European Innovative Teaching Award

Do you speak green?

School/Coordinator: Direzione Didattica "Roberto D'Azeglio"

Do you speak green? - Italy

Topic(s) addressed

  • Sustainability and creativity 

  • Improving the outdoor learning experiences and the environmental context 

  • The use of spaces and-  the Turn area

Target groups

  • Kindergarten and primary school teachers 

  • The school manager 


  • Green education as a means of teaching the English language

  • Promoting dialogue between disciplines within a vertical curriculum 

  • Favouring the development of citizenship skills from an ecological, social and cultural perspective

  • Technology made crucial for a positive implementation of the project

  • eTwinning as a go-to interactive and cooperative tool for sharing project work

  • The training designed to make the students protagonists of their own learning through experiential teaching


  • The focus on environmental issues enhanced the educational tradition of our schools.

  • An educational garden owned by each school- the result of a particular location (in the hills and near the river) and tradition of “Scuole nel verde”

  • Outdoor and green education activities helping the pupils be more sensitive, attentive and committed to environmental sustainability


The teachers given an opportunity for intercultural exchange, upskilling and networking

In particular, they gained: 

  • improvement of language skills-  encouraged to present the activities in English in the classroom, 

  • acquisition of tools and methodological approaches for implementing best practices observed abroad (e.g. safety, maintenance and use of spaces, equipment for children and teachers, communication with families etc.)


  • Improving the outdoor learning experiences, awareness of the environmental context of the school 

  • Strengthening the active participation of families in school life.

  • As one of the Founding members of the Sustainable Schools Network and promoter of the GOALS IN RETE national network, the school aims to ensure "that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development[…]”

Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022