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European Innovative Teaching Award

Development of Literacy and Language Learning for Disadvantaged Young Learners


Topic(s) addressed

  • developing skills in formal, non-formal and informal situations;

  • implementing all types of learning with cross-sectoral connections 

  • producing learning materials for disadvantaged young learners (DYL)

Target groups

  • Professionals working with DYL: 

  • schools, teachers, principals, etc.

  • 500 participants 


  • increasing learning opportunities for disadvantaged students

  • experience and know-how exchange between cross-sectoral educational institutions

  • fostering creativity and multidisciplinary learning

  • the use of transdisciplinary materials for literacy development

  • interculturalism and multilingualism used in formal, non-formal and informal learning 

Sharing the project outputs via several platforms, (e.g. eTwinning).


  • Innovation and creativity were some of the main underlying principles of all project activities. 

  • The cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach was ensured since the project partners came from different levels of education (HE institutions, primary schools), 

  • Partners from the HE institutions dealt with different fields of science and art.

  • The exchange of partners’ knowledge, experience, and expertise brought a new perspective on the topic of literacy development and language learning


  • The project improved teachers’ competencies and awareness of the importance of informal and non-formal learning

  • One of the main outputs of the project was a manual for teachers that didn’t participate in the project directly.


  • A big impact on all target groups – experts in different areas, teachers and professionals who work with DYLs and all the partners in the project. 

  • An impact on schools and other vocational organisations. 

  • The project also impacted the local community e.g. language classes for foreigners in Croatia. 

  • In other countries, the project outputs can be used for projects dealing with teaching minority languages in countries with large diaspora communities.

  • Project activities and results were also disseminated in the form of presentations delivered by project partners at international conferences.

Development of Literacy and Language Learning for Disadvantaged Young Learners - Croatia
Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022



Univerza v Mariboru


Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

North Macedonia

Osnovna škola Ivana Gundulića