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European Innovative Teaching Award

Co-construction of an electricity laboratory

School: Centre Asty-Moulin 


Topic(s) addressed

Two project key activities centred on technical learning and involved mobility events between Roseto, Italy and Namur, Belgium.

Target group(s)

There were about ten instructors, managers and teachers involved in the project as well as circa 30 students with special needs from electrical and automation classes in both schools involved.


The core of the activities was driven by the dedication to nurturing students’ entrepreneurial mindset. This dynamic approach empowered students to assume various roles, including proposers, managers, and directors, as they drive a diverse range of initiatives. A collaborative environment facilitated the sharing and comparison of practices, enabling participants to gain insights into the unique challenges and realities faced by each other.

One of the anticipated outcomes involved the establishment of a cutting-edge Roseto Electricity Lab, equipped with functional plates that are the result of collaborative efforts and innovative ideas from all participants.

Innovation environment

Professional cooperation facilitated the exchange of practices, comparison of the learning environment and creation of a common ground for further development. In practice, the collaboration led to the fitting of the electricity lab in Roseto with functional gear. That was possible also thanks to the sufficient level of English that aided the communication between the two schools. In addition, digital tools and the project logbook have been developed.

Teachers’ role

The participating teachers had a significant input in the proceeding of the project. They established partnerships with each other developing essential elements of the endeavour and proving it successful to the wider community.

Impact and output

Participants developed analytical skills essential in achieving the set life objectives. They developed listening and adaptive skills as well as awareness of the requirements of the job market and of the available resources. that each

They gained the self-confidence to meet others and to look for potential connections in Europe to make their projects successful. This is now possible as the students acquired a profound knowledge of various communication tools.



Project category
  • VET schools
Project year
  • 2023



Centre Asty-Moulin 



Istituto Statale d'Istruzione Superiore "Vincenzo Moretti"