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European Innovative Teaching Award

The broader use of the natural environment surrounding a rural school for educational activities and involving the community following the international practice

School: Kernu Põhikool

Topic(s) addressed

  • Promoting outdoor teaching

  • Creating an active and challenging learning environment for all students 

  • Developing innovative teaching methods and cooperation

Target groups

  • 3 groups of 2 female teachers


  • Applying a multidisciplinary approach, 

  • Sets of non-formal outdoor lessons (science, art, PE) supported by more formal "in-house" classes. 

  • More active role and better cooperation skills from both, students and teachers required in The outdoor learning environment and nature-based activities

  • The inclusion of students with special needs involving a peer-evaluation and hands-on activities


  • Applying the whole school approach and the creative use of the outdoor learning spaces Inspiring social activity

  • Promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable behaviour

  • Raising the understanding of the importance of nature experiences


Teachers have been encouraged to choose more innovative teaching methods

  • Teachers became better focused on students' individual learning needs. 

  • Raising interest in new teaching styles has improved the cooperation between teachers


  • The teachers gain hands-on experience in carrying out outdoor activities and using active non-formal teaching methods.

  • They developed ideas and a better understanding of tailoring teaching to various children’s needs, both, indoors and outdoors.

  • The project improved teachers' language skills and cultural awareness.

The broader use of the natural environment surrounding a rural school - Estonia
Project category
  • Primary education
Project year
  • 2022



European Academy of Creativity


New Teaching Resources by Ignacio Quesada


Finnish sustainability education services