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European Innovative Teaching Award

Blast the Plast (BTP)

School: Alemanennschule Wutoschingen

Blast the Plast - Germany

Topic(s) addressed

  • Civic engagement and responsible citizenship 

  • Sustainability: the link between plastic pollution and climate change 

  • Promoting creativity: Providing tools to create positive, lasting environmental

  • change (in a school environment)

Target groups

  • Students

  • Families

  • Local communities

  • Teachers

  • Companies and Representatives  

  • External cooperation partners


  • Facilitating a project-based learning approach- highlighting students’ individual strengths 

  • Cross-disciplinary learning with a broad variety of activities (later added to the school’s curriculum) benefitting the students with learning difficulties. 

  • Applying foreign language skills in a real-life context

  • Building the project website in collaboration with HDMStuttgart students 

  • The eTwinning platform as a fundamental tool for the successful implementation of the project


  • Fostering key competencies for lifelong learning within the EU framework. 

  • Multi-faceted approaches to learning and assessment methodologies

  • Creating innovative dissemination products 

  • Learning about country-specific best practice examples while getting familiar with the local business context 

  • Applying the reduction of single-use plastic in the flagship projects 


  • The application of innovative teaching and learning methods such as collaboration with universities and experts 

  • Teachers from the participating countries implemented hybrid teaching.

  • Enabling creative teaching and integrative activities. 

  • The main objective was to establish student-centred activities as well as a connection between teaching content and real life closely connected to the use of technology and multimedia.


  • The project contributed to the students’ environmental education. 

  • They were able to strengthen their intercultural skills as well as their media competencies. 

  • They were also given the opportunity to generate a great output due to the cross-disciplinary learning approach and the close cooperation with universities, institutions and external experts. 

  • Students developed teamwork skills 

  • The new “plastic reduction” ambassadors continue with the project that has started at their school.

Project category
  • Secondary education
Project year
  • 2022