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European Innovative Teaching Award

Awarded Projects 2023

What defines a school project as 'innovative'? While this assessment may not be straightforward, innovative educators abound in European schools, and the European Innovative Teaching Award is dedicated to identifying them all.

The European Innovative Teaching Award has established four key criteria for innovative teaching and learning. Out of the projects assessed against these criteria, a total of 93 will be honoured, with the laureates set to be officially announced on 25 September 2023.

1 - methodologies


- Multidisciplinary approaches
- Key competence development (knowledge, skills and attitudes)
- Linking formal, non-formal and informal learning
- Inclusion, participation, cooperation
- Innovative use of tools (in particular eTwinning)
- Learner’s active role in the learning process

2 - environments


- Schools as enablers of innovation
- Creative use of the learning spaces
- Sustainable use of available resources
- A whole school approach
- Cross-sectoral cooperation

3 - teacher


- Teachers’ agency as innovators
- Teachers’ skills and competences
- Teachers’ cooperation and peer learning

4 - impact


- Direct impact on the target groups
- Inclusion of participants with fewer opportunities
- Spill-over effect (to other students, teachers, schools, local communities)